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1. How long have you been an agent? And what have been your achievements? I am in my 7th year of real estate. This gives me the relationships with other agents in the business and the experience of being in SO many homes in the market. I was Rookie of the year my first year, Top buyers agent second year, and 3rd in volume closed 3rd year. In my 4th year I began mentoring agents and switched to join Ridgeline real estate where I have now in my 7th year, hired a full time assistant to give my clients even better level of service.


2. What makes you a successful listing agent? My love of numbers and analyzing data!! I have a 3 level pricing analysis strategy that shows my clients I don't just look at comps. I look deeply into what makes your home unique and what a buyer is willing to pay AS well as the current market and active competition. As an artistic stager, I specialize in helping homeowners who want to get top dollar for their home sale by using my expertise to create a well-staged and marketed home. Statistics support the idea that a well-staged home sells for more money.


3. How long do you usually work with buyers, from the first home you see together to the closing table? This depends on where the client is in their journey. My goal is always to match the clients pace. Until the client is truly ready, I don’t just take them to a ton of homes. Our time is about purposeful intention and I couple that with other exercises to help them prepare including market knowledge education, visualization exercises and connections to the right lenders.


4. What areas do you specialize in? I am from VT and have family in Chittenden, Franklin and Washington county, so I specialize in Chittenden country as well as along the 89 interstate up to Swanton and down to Montpelier and over to Marshfield.


5. Will I be working with you individually, or with a team? You would be working primarily with me with the assistance from my marketing team and showing assistant if I cannot make a showing. The market moves quick and we want to be prepared to be there for you every day.


6. Can you recommend (fill in the blank)? Mortgage broker, appraiser, inspector, real estate lawyer, general contractor, moving companies, and anything else you can think of involving homes are all things I can recommend.


7. How do you help buyers compete in this market? I have a buyer power checklist and a breakdown of the psychology behind an offer and all that it entails. I go under contract on 75% of the offers I write with a client


8. Can you explain the home buying process from start to finish? Absolutely, I have a visual for that! And it is my goal to communicate with you along the way. I break it down in an initial consult and once we go under contract, I create a timeline for you to follow so you can feel confident in the next steps.


9. What’s the best way to contact you? I match the need of the buyer with my response time. If it is a house to go see or current negotiations you can expect to hear from me as quickly as 5 min-2hrs… Other items may take 12-24 hours and I will communicate with you through text, email, and phone. Communication is one of my strengths.


10. When is your best availability during the day and week, typically? I am very flexible. It is helpful when showings work already with other appointments, and understand when a home comes up, if it fits a buyers need and they are ready to go, we go see it!!

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