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5 Questions to ask your Real Estate Agent Part 1: Buyers

Updated: Apr 29

You're ready to start your Vermont house hunt... but you don't know where to start. Well, you've come to the right place.

The #1 task on your list is finding the right partners to help get you to where you want to be... in your new home!

First off, you need a buyers agent. How do you find the best agent for you? I created this blog post to get you started. Let's dive in.


Step 1: Asking Your Community

My first suggestion when looking for a buyer's agent is to ASK!

Start with local community pages like this Facebook group, ask friends, family, or even read Zillow reviews.

Note: it's A-OK to interview multiple agents. Every agent has something unique to offer and different standards of practice. I recommend interviewing 3 over the course of a week and then communicating your decision.

Step 2: Interviewing a Buyer's Agent

You’re ready to interview. But what do you ask? What should they ask you?

Here are some things to think about before you even begin your interview:

  1. Are you looking for an agent who…

  • Shows you any property you want

  • Is available any time of day or night

  • Works with only a few clients

  • Works only with buyers

  • Will spend hours on the phone with you

  • Who helps you fill out an offer by asking you what you’d like to do


  • Someone who guides you to only the properties that really meet your needs

  • Is available when you need them the most

  • Works with a good amount of clients

  • Works with both buyers and sellers

  • Is efficient with communication and uses email when appropriate

  • Who guides you through the options of what to put in an offer and the pros and cons

When considering a buyers agent in the Burlington area of VT, it's important to ask them some key questions before getting started. I also recommend looking at Google and Zillow reviews

Hearing what other buyers are saying about their services will give you a sense of how you might feel working with them.

Let’s dive into what I feel are the top 5 questions you should ask your agent. For extra fun, I threw in some bonus questions.

1. What Does Your Timing Look Like?

I am very flexible. It is helpful when showings fit in with other appointments, & understand when a home comes up, if it fits a buyers need & they are ready to go, we go see it!!

2. What areas do you specialize in?

I am from Vermont originally and have roots in Chittenden County, Franklin County, Addison County, and Washington county. I specialize in towns within 1 hour of Burlington and the surrounding area.

3. What services do you provide as buyer services?

I start with a free buyer consult. This consult involves a clarity activity, market trends and discussing strategies buyers are using in this market. I provide connections to all the key people in the process (lender, attorney, inspector and more) Once under contract I provide a timeline of next steps to smoothly guide you through the process, keeping you up to date each step of the way. After closing, it is my goal to stay in touch and be your all things home and beyond resource.

4. How do you help buyers compete in this market?

I have a buyer power checklist along with other tools to help guide you when you’ve found that right fit property. I am a market expert and can predict what a home will sell for with high accuracy. On average a buyer writes 1-2 offers before being under contract.


5. What makes you different from other agents?

The clarity activity I complete with clients is unique to the experience you will have with me. I help you learn the market ahead of time, so from the very first home you go in feeling ready, fully understanding the options and the market. I work with an assistant so you have 2 people searching daily for properties for you. We search on mls and all the for sale by owner sites. Help finding the right home is our focus. We only send you listings that MATCH your criteria. Once you find the right home, I’m your decision making real estate coach. I help you write winning offers and get you under contract quickly, guiding you through a smooth process to closing.

As promised, here are some bonus questions to ask:

How long do you usually work with buyers, from the first home you see together to the closing table?

This depends on where the client is in their journey. I work with all types of buyers, from first time buyers, to multifamily & investment clients. My goal is always to match the clients pace. Until the client is truly ready, I don’t just take them to a ton of homes. Our time is about purposeful intention & I couple that with other exercises to help them prepare including market knowledge education, visualization exercises & connections to the right lenders.

Will I be working with you individually, or with a team?

You would be working primarily with me with the support of my assistant and brokerage including agents to cover showings. The market moves quick & we want to be prepared to be there for you everyday.

Can you recommend (fill in the blank)?

Mortgage broker, appraiser, inspector, real estate lawyer, general contractor, moving companies, & anything else you can think of involving homes are all things I can recommend.

What can I expect for timely communication?

I match the need of the buyer with my response time. If it is a house to go see or current negotiations you can expect to hear from me as quickly as 5 min-2hrs… Other items may take 12-24 hours & I will communicate with you through text, email, & phone. Communication is one of my strengths.

Do you a question I haven’t covered? Reach out at

Want to book a consult? Let’s connect!

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