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Are you looking for a Rental near Burlington?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Hopefully this info can help guide you to the right place!

In a city renowned for its college campuses, cultural scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities, the pursuit of affordable housing can be a quest in itself. My mission is to transform what can often feel like an overwhelming task into a streamlined and empowering approach, guiding you with a well-structured plan. Embark on this journey with me as we explore a plethora of resources and effective strategies to uncover the perfect rental options in the captivating Burlington, VT area.

Feedback has been This is so helpful—better than anything I could have found on my own. Thank you!”


1- There are sites you can search for rentals:

2- Sometimes the best options are ones you seek out! Here are places you can post on behalf of yourself looking. You may find more 'gems' this way: Burl VT housing and rentals Front porch forum Vt house and apartment rentals

3- You can also try connecting directly with local property management companies who have rentals they manage, and may have some coming up... Here are property management rental resources - They will have upcoming options as well:

● Fusion Property Management:

● 5 Seasons Property Management:

● Full circle property management:


4. Rental Complexes - I would recommend filling out an application with these places. You may end up on a waiting list, but many of these places don’t post units, they will just reach out to past applicants:


● NorthGate Apartments:

● Jackson Terrace: (802) 658-3800

● Laurentide Apartments: (802) 862-6244

● Olde Orchard Park:

● South Meadow apartments: (802) 864-9966



South Burlington:

  • Stonewood:

  • O’Dell Apartments: (802) 864-7077

  • Dorset Commons Apartments: (802) 864-7766

  • Executive Drive Apartments: (802) 503-1252

  • Country Park Apartments: (802) 658-1831





If you are relocating to the area, I encourage you to check out my community pages on my brokerage website to learn more about these areas

You can also read my blog about relocating to Vermont here:

If you're ever in the market to buy/sell I offer free consults!

You can book one on my calendar link here:

My website to learn more about me as well is

Youtube channel Julie's youtube channel


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