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Are you relocating to Vermont?

Updated: Apr 29


Are you relocating to Vermont? We love this state and hope that you will too! Whether you are considering moving here for a job, to be closer to loved ones or because of the culture and landscape, there's a lot to take into consideration and we hope to point you in the direction of some great resources.

When considering a move to VT, you’ll want to consider the following:

Job Opportunities in Vermont

Making a living through what you do is not just about fulfilling your purpose, it’s about paying the bills and the security of the things in life like housing, food and transportation.

It is highly recommended that you start the job search process as you are making the move. If your career or field is more of a specialty, it would be good to consider the availability of that particular market.


Cost of living in Vermont

Vermont is known to have a higher cost of living, especially in the Burlington area. It is important to look at the general costs of goods and services and if those costs will fit with your family's budget.

Two sites I recommend doing some research on:

Housing in Vermont

One of the hottest topics in VT is real estate. People considering a move to VT need to prioritize their housing as one of the largest factors in their decision. Doing your research ahead of time is critical from pricing to availability to

Pricing of real estate

I recommend the following guides for tips on the pricing of real estate:

Pricing of owning real estate

Depending on location, bed/bath count, square footage, lot size, features, age built and condition Sales prices can vary quite a bit. Here are the Median sales prices for each county:

Availability of housing

Most, if not all towns in VT are experiencing a housing shortage. In Chittenden County, for example, we are down nearly 20% YTD in new listings. A balanced inventory is 5-6 mo of supply and we have been hovering below 2 months for years now.


Use the guide below to search homes for sale in Northern Vermont and surrounding communities. Each of these pages contains the active real estate listings for that area, updated every day. If you already know which communities you like, be sure to sign up for email alerts of new listings as soon as they hit the market -- it's fast, easy, automatic and FREE!

Travel in Vermont

One thing I hear so much from others is how they love the ease of VT for travel. We have 1 main interstate which is a 2 lane highway with several main routes to get to different parts of the state. Commute times vary depending on if you are on the interstate or a back road. General speed limits are 25-30 in cities, 30-40 through towns, up to 50 on certain sections of routes and 65 on the highway.

Amenities in Vermont

I had a client once request that the area be serviced by instacart:) This was a bit surprising to me as at the time, I had never used instacart. To this family, this convenience mattered. Another one I get a lot is the request for high speed internet. VT is behind the times with this and although we have broadband internet in most parts of the state, Fiber internet with its faster upload speeds has yet to reach even 20% of the state.

In Vermont, there is not a Starbucks on every corner, but some towns have more than 1:) We finally got a Target in VT! I think we were the last state to have one. In some towns you may find yourself driving 20 min to the next town over to the nearest major grocery store. I recommend asking yourself what is important in your lifestyle. Although some of these rural towns offer homes at a much lower asking price, they may not have amenities used or important access to medical care is another.


Taxes in Vermont

Look up the specifics on your personal income and property taxes and figure out what the local sales tax will be. How much are these going to affect your funds in the future?

Schools in Vermont

Each school has something different to offer to their community. Many parents find this piece to be overwhelming.

To help, I compiled the following resources:


Climate in Vermont

What are VT winters like? I’ve lived here all my life and although each winter comes with different snow days and storms, we make it through. I always recommend keeping a blanket, gloves and a hat in the car! SNOW tires and 4/all wheel drive are my two go-to’s. Summers in VT are the best time of year although that’s my personal opinion. From as early as March when we see the first temp of the 70’s to the later October we crave the sun and make use of it!! Ski season is another time of year Vermonters look forward to.

So, how we can help?

We understand that moving and starting a new job can be stressful. We can help by providing the following services:

  • Previewing homes in advance on your behalf

  • Filming walk-through videos

  • Compiling a list of homes you might be interesting in seeing

  • Keeping you informed of new homes on the market

  • Helping you preview homes on the web

  • Advising you of other homes that have sold and for how much

  • Working with you until we find the home of your dreams

Because your time is valuable to us, we are committed to doing everything we can to optimize your search for a home including:

  • Pre-visit Consultation

  • Email listings and virtual tours

  • Detailed property research

  • Concierge services (dinner, entertainment & activity recommendations - see some of our favorites in this book!)

  • Airport and hotel pickup and return

  • Community and regional tours

  • Help securing a short-term rental if needed

  • Lender and attorney recommendations

  • Help arranging moving services, utilities and more

  • Recommendations for all your needs once you have moved from housekeepers to gardeners to nannies

In order to make your transition to Vermont as smooth as possible, we have compiled this packet of information for you to get to know the area. In this packet you will find:

  • Local school information

  • Restaurants and eateries

  • Shopping centers

  • Other local resources

  • Local attractions and activities

  • Seasonal events

For more information get in touch.


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