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April Real Estate Market Update for Chittenden County, Vermont

Updated: May 8

April Real Estate Market Update Chittenden County, Vermont

Welcome to our detailed real estate market update for April, focusing on Chittenden County, Vermont and its critical areas: Essex Junction, Winooski, South Burlington, Burlington, and Colchester. If you're thinking of buying or selling in these regions, this update will provide you with the essential information needed to navigate the current market conditions.

An infographic showing median sales price data. Chittenden County has a median sales price of $525,500, a 13.9% decrease from last year, while the combined areas of Colchester, Winooski, Burlington, and South Burlington report a median price of $476,500, marking an 8% increase.
Median Sales Price Trends in Chittenden County and Nearby Areas

Median Sales Price Trends

This month, we take a close look at the median sales price, which is a significant indicator of market trends. For Chittenden County overall, the median sales price stands at $525,000. This figure represents a decrease of 13.9% compared to last year. However, it's a different story in the core areas of Chittenden County within the $400,000 to $600,000 price range. Here, we actually see an increase of 8%, highlighting a dramatic contrast. It's essential for buyers and sellers to note these differences, as they can significantly impact decision-making processes.

A graphical representation of the list to sale price ratio in Chittenden County which is currently at 99.7%, a decrease from last year's 102.3%. Nearby areas have a ratio of 102.6%, slightly down from 103.3% the previous year.
List to Sale Price Ratios in Chittenden County

List to Sale Price Ratio

Another critical metric we examine is the list to sale price ratio. Across Chittenden County, we've observed a shift, with the ratio falling below the 100% mark. This change suggests that while sellers are still receiving close to their asking prices, the market might be cooling slightly. Interestingly, in the core areas of Chittenden County, the ratio exceeds 102.6%, indicating that sellers in these locales are receiving more than their asking prices, and the market there remains robust.

Statistics detailing months of supply of inventory, showing Chittenden County with 1.2 months, a 26% decrease. The areas of Colchester, Winooski, Burlington, and South Burlington have 0.5 months, a significant 28.2% decrease from the previous measurement.
Inventory Supply Duration in Chittenden County

Inventory Challenges

Turning our attention to inventory levels, Chittenden County is currently experiencing a supply of only 1.2 months, consistent with the past couple of years but showing a downward trend from last month and last year. In the core regions, the situation is even more strained, with only 1.5 months of supply available. This low inventory level poses significant challenges for buyers, as the competition remains fierce, and choices are limited.

Conclusion and Takeaways

This month's analysis reveals several key points for potential buyers and sellers in Chittenden County:

  • Pricing Variances: There's a notable difference in how the market behaves overall versus in specific core areas, especially in the popular $400,000 to $600,000 range.

  • Market Dynamics: While the broader market shows signs of cooling, targeted areas continue to experience high demand, reflected in above-asking price sales.

  • Inventory Shortages: The limited supply in both the county at large and its core areas continues to define the competitive landscape.

For those of you navigating this complex market, understanding these trends is crucial. Whether you are buying or selling, being informed will help you make strategic decisions and ultimately succeed in achieving your real estate goals.

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