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The Best Breakfast Spots in Vermont

The best breakfast spots in Vermont

They say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For those of you who believe this to be true, this blog's for you. Follow me as I seek to find the best eggs benedict, breakfast hash, and pancakes in and around the Burlington area. I'm going to tell you all about some hidden gems, some familiar and staple places that have been around since the '80s, as well as some common and not-so-common choices. Warning: your mouth may water, and you may find yourself with a craving for pancakes at 8 p.m. if you're watching at this time. And those pancakes might be topped with... well, you'll find out towards the end of the video. Here are the best breakfast spots in Vermont!

Eggs Benedict with potatoes on a wood table
Eggs Benedict at Sneakers Bistro

Sneakers Bistro

Let's start with a must for my hometown of Winooski: Sneakers Bistro. Sneakers opened in 1980, and it's iconic. Sneakers still hang outside, welcoming eager eaters. Sneakers embodies a fun vibe while being playful and fun with its menu. Everything on the menu is so good, so it's hard to pick a favorite. A must here for food is their famous eggs benedict. The drink I like is their mocha latte. Prices here are pretty reasonable and certainly worth it for all of the scrumptious tastes.

JP's Restaurant

Alright, let's check out another spot. A place that is quite removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown is JP's Restaurant in Essex. I say this because I actually lived and grew up here but never knew about it until I went there recently. This place has everything and more on the menu, great stuff, reasonable prices, and no wait, at least the times I've been there.

Giant stacked breakfast sandwich with hash browns on a wooden table
Breakfast Sandwich at Chef's Corner

Chef's Corner

Okay, now you know I'm baking you crazy. Let's go over to Williston, Chef's Corner pastries. Their interesting service style allows you to walk in, place your order, and then sit down and wait for your items to come to you. My husband had this amazing breakfast sandwich with this barbecue mayo. It was super delicious, and I would highly recommend checking that out. Although it didn't make it to the Facebook friends' favorites list, my daughter wants you to know that IHOP is her favorite. They kind of have some delicious pancakes.

Erica's American Diner

The place I'm going to introduce you to next is Erica's American Diner in Fairfax. What's pretty fun about this location is the local art on the walls, so it's not just about a food experience; it's kind of artistic as well. There were some pretty great things on the menu. My sister had this pretty yummy breakfast sandwich that I was wishing I had ordered. So, you can take a picture of the menu and definitely check them out sometime.

The Friendly Toast

A big favorite of mine is The Friendly Toast, which is in downtown Burlington. They have this yummy hash quiche, which is like hash browns with all sorts of other egg and yummy breakfast things inside. And it's really good with a mimosa flight if you're into that kind of fun Sunday.

white coffee mug with red lettering on wooden window sill, with flowers in the background.
Mug at JP's in Essex

The Skinny Pancake

The iconic Skinny Pancake, which you'll find in the airport, but I really mean spot is downtown Burlington. They have some amazing sweet and savory crepes.

Mae's Place

If you are in the Brandon Vermont area, there's Mae's Place. They have a delicious menu and some really good drinks as well.

Honorable Mention

Other notable mentions were Haymaker and Middlebury. Apparently, they have a breakfast sandwich on a cinnamon bun that is amazing. The Wayside, Stick, Roots in Shelburne, Gray Jay, Dutch Mill, Parkway Diner, Jules on the Green, and Maxie's Waterbury, where my sister says you must have Chloe's pancakes cooked with egg, bacon, and cheese in them. So good!

Quick Bites

For a quick bite for breakfast, you can also try other spots like Uncommon Ground in Essex, which has some amazing breakfast sandwiches, and Nest in Essex, which has some really good scones.

If you are now sufficiently fueled up and ready to go, have some fun exploring these amazing places and send me back any of the items that you feel like I didn't cover or if you have a new place to suggest.

Waffle with maple syrup on white plate dusted with powdered sugar
Waffle with Vermont Maple Syrup at Sneaker's Bistro

And I mentioned I would share with you what the amazing pancakes would be topped with, and yes, of course, it's organic Vermont real maple syrup.

If you have questions about living in Vermont communities or the local spots, please give me a call, text, or email, and I'll be happy to work that into a future video. Thanks, everyone. I'm Julie Danaher.


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