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Uncovering Burlington, Vermont's Best Brews: A Must-See Coffee Tour!

Updated: Apr 29

Have you ever wondered where in Burlington you can find not just any coffee, but one that wakes you up and tantalizes your taste buds with every sip? If so, you’re in luck! Today, we embark on a flavorful journey through the heart of Vermont, uncovering both hidden gems and beloved favorites in Burlington's coffee scene. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply looking for a cozy spot to enjoy a book, this guide to the best coffee shops in Burlington and beyond is your perfect companion.

Downtown Burlington, Vermont Coffee Spots and Their Unique Offerings

Let's start with Downtown Co., known for its innovative spirit and strong community vibe. This place isn’t just about coffee; it offers homemade ice cream too, making it a year-round favorite. What truly makes Downtown Co. stand out is their commitment to local ingredients and unique coffee blends.

Next up, Scout. Scout is more than just a coffee shop; it delivers quality with a smile. Known for exceptional coffee and homemade ice cream, Scout has become a staple for locals and visitors alike. It’s their dedication to local ingredients and unique blends that sets them apart.

Located in Burlington's artsy South End, Nomad Coffee offers an industrial chic setting that’s light-filled and adorned with local art. Known for their sustainability and quality, Nomad Coffee serves a variety of single-origin brews and expertly crafted espresso drinks. Alongside their delicious coffee, you can enjoy locally sourced pastries in a setting that buzzes with creative energy from the surrounding galleries and boutiques.

A freshly brewed cappuccino with heart-shaped latte art, served in a blue ceramic cup on a matching saucer, sits on a light wooden table.
Warmth in a Cup: Savoring moments of peace with every heart-infused brew.

A Stone’s Throw Away: New Additions and Cultural Havens in Vermont

A stone's throw away from the Burlington Bridge is Specs, a new spot offering a cozy retreat with its warm interiors. More than just a coffee shop, it’s a cultural haven for both locals and visitors. And let’s not forget the coffee, sourced from top-notch roasters, each cup at Specs is a testament to their passion for brewing perfection.

Artisanal Approaches and Community Favorites

Moving back to Burlington, Kru Coffee prides itself on an artisanal approach and a sleek modern vibe. Here, coffee is considered an art, and each brew tells a story of its origin. If you appreciate a meticulous brewing process and innovative coffee creations, Kru is your go-to spot.

Just a short drive to Williston takes us to the Williston Coffee Shop, a community favorite known for its friendly atmosphere and hearty homemade offerings. It’s the perfect place to unwind and feel at home.

Alt Text: Inside a bustling coffee shop, customers stand in line near a glass display of assorted pastries and baked goods. Above, a black menu board lists espresso and other drink options, some available iced, with handwritten chalk text and illustrations of coffee cups. The warm lighting and wooden interior create an inviting atmosphere.
Where choices abound and the coffee is as rich as the conversation - welcome to Village Wine and Coffee

Unique Blends and Fine Wines in Shelburne, Vermont Village

In Shelburne Village, Wine and Coffee offers a unique blend of experiences, catering to both coffee aficionados and wine enthusiasts. This spot impresses with fine wines and exquisite coffees, providing expertly created selections that cater to the connoisseur in all of us.

Alt Text: A close-up of a white column in a café with a clear organizational display. Attached to the column is a laminated sign with options for customizing a coffee order: dine-in or to-go, cup size in ounces, number of espresso shots, and type of milk. Sample paper cups are mounted next to their corresponding size labels, and a small barista figurine gestures towards the sign, enhancing the customer experience with a quirky, playful touch.
Craft your perfect cup!

The Essence of Coffee Culture in Essex

Heading over to Essex, Uncommon Grounds brews up a storm with its rich coffee and vibrant atmosphere. Known for their friendly baristas and a wide variety of blends, Uncommon Grounds is anything but common.

Finally, The Nest in Essex offers a cozy escape with its homely vibe and innovative coffee drinks. It’s the perfect spot to nestle down with a book or catch up with friends. The Nest, where comfort meets quality in a cup, is a testament to the rich and diverse coffee culture that Burlington and its surroundings boast.

Alt Text: A rich, dark blue ceramic mug filled with a cappuccino sits on a wooden table. The mug, with a glossy finish that catches the light, has a slightly oversized, comfortable design, perfect for wrapping hands around. On its surface, the cappuccino foam forms a simple, elegant heart-shaped latte art.
Cappuccino at Village Wine and Coffee

From Scout’s innovative blends to The Nest’s cozy corners, Burlington’s coffee scene is as diverse as it is rich. Which of these spots have you been to? What did you like most about it? Drop a comment below and stay tuned for our future video on where to find the best cocktails and mocktails around the Burlington area.

Until next time, keep exploring and keep sipping those delightful brews. Cheers!

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