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SELLER Stories

From 'For Sale by Owner' to working with Julie

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$14,000 MORE

This is one of my most powerful stories. Katy was listed at $198,000 on her own for over 3 weeks.

I called her when she first came to the market as I remembered showing it in the past and KNOWING it was worth more.

When she didn't have success, I came in, worked with her on staging/photography and listed her 14,000.00 higher than what she had it listed as. Got her a full price offer first weekend.

$30,000 MORE

This was a friend of mine that I gave some staging and paint tips to and helped her sell.


She was able to get $30k more than what an appraiser had said her home could sell for.

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seller stories

All About Staging

This was listed for over 4 weeks by owner, couldn't sell, dropped his price , no luck... then I listed him $5,000 higher and got him 2 offers, at full price within 1 week on market

$11,000 MORE

This was listed for over 3 weeks by owner, couldn't sell, no showings, no luck...


Then I listed her and we got 6 showings in 3 days and 2 offers, $11k over asking price

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This for sale by owner was asking $280,000, they had showings but no offers after 3+ weeks.


After listing with me they got an offer in 1 week at asking price.

7 Weeks with no Luck

This was my client in Burlington who tried 7 weeks to sell on own.


She kept dropping price and then realized paint and staging could get her $9,000 higher

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5 Weeks no Luck

This was my client in Essex, tried to sell for 5 weeks. We listed her $5,000 higher than her price and got her full price offer first weekend!

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