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Vermont Home Seller's Kitchen

Pricing your home to sell at the highest feasible price requires a clear, proven marketing strategy. And as your Real Estate Accelerator, Julie is here to guide you through the critical steps of marketing your property so that it gets maximum exposure, is staged appealingly, and is photographed to stand out from the competition.

Pricing Your Home

To determine the right asking price for your home, we’ll analyze its condition, compare it to similar homes sold, and determine how the current market might affect pricing.

Exposure: Where We List Your Home

Only REALTORS® have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which pushes individual home listings out to all the big national real estate sites like Zillow and We’ll also list your site on a variety of social channels – Julie’s creative Reels on Instagram, stories, and YouTube videos are geared to get you maximum visibility, create a buzz of interest, and get you multiple offers. By listing with Julie & Catalyst Realty Collaborative, you also get access to her wider networks and online communities, getting even more eyeballs on your home!

Staging: Your Secret Weapon

Good staging can make or break your home sale – it’s the difference between a home that languishes on the market for months, versus a home that sells in just a few days. Julie has an eye for interior design and a whole storage unit of furniture and furnishings to make your home inviting and attractive to prospective buyers. 

68% of staged homes sell for at least 9% more than unstaged homes

2019 Survey of 4,000 homes [in [state] by [survey organizer]

In addition to strategic staging, these updates can dramatically increase the value of your home too:

  • PAINT: Pick a neutral palette – think grays or beige with crisp accents. Painting is the single best investment for resale.

  • FlOORING: A consistent material & style is the most desirable; hardwoods are preferred. Laminate plank and fresh or clean, neutral carpet are ok. Colored carpet is a turnoff and is best replaced immediately.

  • ​KITCHEN UPDATES: Again, go with neutral colors, white lights in cabinets or on walls, Shaker style and classic, modern cabinetry, stone countertops, and updated hardware will resonate with buyers.

  • SPACE: Buyers look for open concepts with rooms that flow invitingly from the kitchen/main gathering space. Logical, user-friendly kitchen layout are highly desired.

  • ​LIGHTING: This has a significant effect on how the home feels. Clean, accessible windows, updated overhead light fixtures, & minimal dark paint are key.

  • ​CONDITION: Consider having your home professionally cleaned throughout. Make sure all windows, doors, floors, and paint are in good and clean condition.

Photography: Pictures Speak a 1000 Words

advice image

First impressions are critical. The first thing prospective buyers look for is a listing’s images. If the photos aren’t great, your home won’t be on their “must-see” list. 



Great photography requires composition, wide angles, good lighting, and more. If the home is beautifully staged but the photos are grainy, dark, or taken from odd angles, you risk less interest from potential buyers, more time on the market, and selling below your asking price.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) vs REALTOR® Representation

Does FSBO work? If you simply consider a sale a success, then yes. But it’s hard work, often results in a below-market price, can take a lot longer to get to the actual sale, and navigating the process can be overwhelming. If you’re considering selling your home by yourself, you have to know how to prepare your home for showing, how to price it properly, and how to market it effectively. FSBO sellers often end up getting frustrated, burned out, and turning to a real estate agent in desperation – and wishing they’d done it sooner!

For more on FSBO vs. Realtor, check out my guide on the subject

Need help figuring out what will increase your home’s value? Let's chat.

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